May Madness

Before May slips into oblteration, I just wanted to share some of the variety I captured in May. May madness it was with 4 weddings, 2 bridal portraits, an adult prom for disabled adults, a creative portrait series for UNCSA / Kenan Arts institute , and week long intesnsive multi-media workshop in NY, then a quick sprint to Pittsburg to meet my partner in crime, Phoebe Zerwick to document a Buddhist River ritual in downtown Pittsburg. Throw in a few fun personal photos of friends and friends kids! Spending a few days with some buddhist monks challanged me to try to embrace this "in the moment" way of life. Really I do when I am taking photos.. isn't that what each image is.. a moment? I start the gallery with Otto .. my friend Trish's son who grows leaps and bounds between each of my visits, I end the gallery with a beautiful image of my friend Jill's little girl, Channing.. being in the moment.