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On my way home, The chicken man

Sometimes you find a great photo, sometimes a great story is hiding under  an ordinary photo. I think I captured the latter with this last set of images from my way home.I pass this part junk yard, part chicken yard.. sprinkled with guard cats every afternoon. Sometimes I glimpse a solidary figure leaning against his truck, appearing to be keeping all these creatures company.



Sharing Love and Light


Come on 2014. I'm ready!

Well, I have to say 2013 was very generous to me. It was a year of personal growth, and another year that reminded me how capturing images is a gift. It's offered by the people on the other end of the camera that let you into thier life, let you see them with their guard down, let you see the gifts they hold close to their heart.


Floating through September


Despite the summer temps... it does appear summer is behind us. The fireflies have ceased to light up the summer night sky, unfortunalty replaced by the fall swarm of stink bugs. The last of the wild flowers are popping up in our field, and the dandelions have blown the last of their seeds into the air to return next spring.


Yadkin River Promo

365 iproject


With the turn of instagram, hashtags, iphone cameras that can shoot panoramics, I thought I'd give an old New Year's resolution project a new twist. About 7 years ago, I did the old "photo a day" project and then turned it into a calendar at the end of the year. It turned out pretty cool.. but of course I had an array of professional gear I used to create fine art, personal art and just everyday photos. It sometimes forced me to turn the camera on my life.

Silly String, dogs, and a little Christmas deocration photo bombing!

I have never laughed so much during a photo session as I did with David and Lauren Clark of Desilu Photography.  


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