October 2010

Stephanie and Tim's Camp Wedding, Christine Rucker Photography, Wedding Photojournalist

Stephanie and Tim got married two weeks ago at camp Sertoma. I LOVED Stephanie when I first met her. She is spunky, funny and has such a fun spirit. Then I met Tim. The perfect compliment to Stephanie. The way he laughs at the things Stephanie does, is really adorable. It's kind of one of those, "let's go with the flow" laughs!

The Big Swing Session, Christine Rucker Photography, Family Documentary Photographer.

This session is again, the model session for what I like to do: capture a typical part of the day of my family clients. It seemed simple enough when Molly suggested I just "follow them to the park" to ride on "the big swing" that the kids loved. A perfect fall afternoon, sun dipping down below the horizon. Tilly and William took about 2 nan-seconds to warm up to me and off we were to the park in search of the big swing! Everyone took polite turns, and only one "time-out" session was needed for the entire trip! -- and that's pretty good for a 2 yr old and 4 yr old!

Kira and Ben's Wedding

Kira and Ben finally got hitched this weekend in Hickory. These two were high school sweethearts and finally tied the knot Oct. 2nd!

The reception site , Market on Main, was breathtaking. We did toasts upstairs, then went downstairs for the remaining reception. The decor was very unique and although a challenge to light, one of the coolest enviroments I've shot a reception in.

The Bruggen Family, Christine Rucker Family Photojournalist


I just got back this week from a much needed vacation in Moab, Utah. My vacation is not the kick your heels back, sit by the pool and read a book variety. More like the ride my bike for 3-5 hours each day, camp out .. which does not always include sleep and possibly be lucky enough to explore some incredible sites off the view of the trails. Rim Tours along with Beth Roberts and her boyfriend Sean Quigley made this all possible.