Farrah's visit

Farrah has been popping her head out of the woods more frequently lately. The summer kept her close to the woods and her visits to the house a little less often. But with hunting season open now, she seems to be a wanting our company more. While we don't leave food out near the house for her, we have put out some feeders hoping to keep her on our property. She's grown so big over the summer.

As I make my way through the field, I see Farrah perk her head up over the wildflowers and buckwheat. Her ears turn into my direction, listening for my voice. “Hey girl, pretty girl”. Her ears twitch, then her tail starts to wag a little quicker. She heads toward me.  We walk through the buckwheat, I stopping along with her as she nibbles at the leaves. We catch up on the gossip from the forest, then we simply take comfort in the silence and just settle in with each others presence.
We keep each other company until the lightening bugs circle around us and the fog moves back to the river. When we both decide we’ve had enough, we part into the darkness, her to the woods, and me to the house. We know that we belong to different worlds but we are connected to both through this friendship.

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