Costa Rica Tour


Come on 2014. I'm ready!

Well, I have to say 2013 was very generous to me. It was a year of personal growth, and another year that reminded me how capturing images is a gift. It's offered by the people on the other end of the camera that let you into thier life, let you see them with their guard down, let you see the gifts they hold close to their heart.


Screaming for Sound!


Why can't they all be like this...?


Floating through September


Despite the summer temps... it does appear summer is behind us. The fireflies have ceased to light up the summer night sky, unfortunalty replaced by the fall swarm of stink bugs. The last of the wild flowers are popping up in our field, and the dandelions have blown the last of their seeds into the air to return next spring.


Back under the Friday Night Lights


Well it's been nearly 13 years since I've shot Friday night football, and maybe it was just happenstance, that I found myself dodging guys twice my size on the side lines on Friday the 13th.


Oh yea.. It's summertime!