On my way home, The chicken man

Sometimes you find a great photo, sometimes a great story is hiding under  an ordinary photo. I think I captured the latter with this last set of images from my way home.I pass this part junk yard, part chicken yard.. sprinkled with guard cats every afternoon. Sometimes I glimpse a solidary figure leaning against his truck, appearing to be keeping all these creatures company.

On my way home, nothing pee wee here.

I'm driving home from a photo shoot in WS. We had just gotten a big thunderstorm and the sky was holding onto the last of that rose colored light I love. I passed the softball field as I turned onto Main St in East Bend.. and I noticed a few cars parked outside the field. I was in dressier clothes than normal.. even heels.. but I decided to see if anyone was still on the field.


The Karate Kids


Another trip up the mountain... and another series of the Koerber kiddos. ahh hemm. the Koerber Kung Fu kiddos. Yea, they look adorable.. but dont even think of getting on their bad side. 

On my way home, Divine Llama Farms


A couple weeks ago I got a request from Our State Magazine to photograph the Llamas at Divine Llama Vineyards. No twisting of arms was required. It was a pretty nice job, to go visit a neighbors farm and hang out with baby Llamas. So, this is part of my "on my way home" series, but one that was also a paying gig!


Nibi Walk

This Month Phoebe Zerwick and I continued our long term project on "Sacred Rivers" This June took us to Ohio. Ohio?? I know, it doesn't sound very sexy, or sacred. But we went to tell a complex yet simple story about the Cuyahoga River, and one women's quest to bring awareness to rivers and her repect and love of them. ..


I'm gonna focus on the pictures now.. and let Phoebe's words explain it more.


On my way home


This is what happens when you turn two 8 year olds loose in the woods

I've been using our property along the Yadkin River for certain clients. When I got a call about scheduling a session for 8 yr old twin boys.. these were the certain clients I knew would be great out here. The only problem was trying to keep up with this duo and get photos that showed their spirit. It was fun and exhausting, but in the end we all had fun and slept sound that night. Maybe I should be a 8 year old boy in my next life!


Timeless Love


Behind the scenes of Guys and Dolls