I love the art of life.

I love adventure.

I love the outdoors.

I love pushing the envelope.

I love the unknown.

Most of all, I love how we intersect into each others lives, whether with friends, with family, or sharing a mutual joy with someone we just met.

I love being the observer, the storyteller. The threads that run through many of my subject’s stories are common threads I hold dear. The chaos and laughter of children, the quiet moments, the loud moments, the joys and sorrows that make life unpredictable.

I love my work and the people who let me share part of their lives.


I have been making photographs for over 25 years . I learned the craft of storytelling while working as a newspaper photographer right out of college. I learned the fragility of life while volunteering for Operation Smile and other non-profits missions in third world countries.  My camera has taken me places I would never have gone and I've been fortunate to meet some amazing people along the way.

My current clients include: WS Foundation, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, The Duke Endowement, WFU, UNCSA, OUR State Magazine, BIKE magazine, Britax Child Safety, Inc., Kenan Institute, HanesBrand,

I love working with my non-profit, advertising and corporate clients, but I equally love working with individuals, families, small weddings and events. As well as being involved with community projects. Please contact me to discuss your idea or project!